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About Compain Anderson Azar


Meet Our Team
For over 50 Years,

Compain Anderson Azar has expanded its knowledge
and services in the insurance industry.


From our origins over 50 Years ago as a General Agency for a major insurer, Compain Anderson Azar has continually expanded the scope of its knowledge and services in the insurance industry.

Today, we are a full-service brokerage and consulting firm providing invaluable assistance in all areas of individual financial and employee benefits planning. Through our affiliated companies, we serve hundreds of satisfied clients locally, nationally, and internationally; no client is too large and no detail too small to receive our attention. Along our evolution, and despite all its successes and rewards, the single greatest asset we have cherished and nurtured is our unrelenting commitment to excellence. We have come to understand that our business thrives only because of the relationships developed and the respect earned from our clients and associates.

With our Acrisure LLC partnership, we have gained resources, advanced technology, improved marketing, and regulatory support; all of which we put to use for our clients. We continually strive to lead the pack in innovation and product offerings, and the recent addition of Acrisure makes this easier. We want to make sure that we can help your business achieve and exceed all its objectives.

We’ve been going above and beyond for our clients for over 50 years.

We are committed to the belief that unrelenting attention to clients and their individual needs is the cornerstone of excellence in employee benefit planning and service. Far more than selling product, we are dedicated to helping our valued clients formulate and fulfill their business objectives.

Our commitment to excellence is founded upon always doing the right thing for our clients and forming enjoyable, respectful, and successful relationships. These successful relationships receive dedicated customer service and support for all insurance needs. Whether a key employee needs helps getting an Rx claim reimbursed or the HR director would like assistance implementing an employee wellness campaign, we have the tools and resources to get things done correctly and efficiently.

Why CAA?

Among so many insurance brokers, it is important to understand how we have consistently differentiated ourselves from our competition for over 50 years.

Our partners and staff take pride in the following:

Our Mission:

Unrelenting attention and a program that fits your needs. We’re the extra employee making your job that much easier.

Our Integrity:

We only partner with employers who value an honest and sincere approach to business. Our commitment to excellence is founded upon always doing the right thing for our clients and forming enjoyable, respectful and successful professional relationships.

Our Experience:

We’ve been offering employee benefit services to businesses for over 50 years. We’re a team of savvy veterans and eager upstarts who continue to provide innovative solutions for rapidly escalating healthcare costs and ever-changing legislation.

Our Knowledge:

From ensuring your 401(k) contributions pass nondiscrimination testing to solving the administration nightmare of a complex, large-group, multi-state, self-insured health plan, we identify problems and provide creative solutions for individuals and companies of all sizes.

Our specialized knowledge extends beyond health insurance to include a full array of group, individual and executive insurance products.


Our Executive Team


Nick Hellmuth

Executive Team

Nick Hellmuth began his insurance career in 2010. Prior to becoming a partner at CAA, Nick worked at United Healthcare / Oxford delivering health plan solutions to employers in the small and middle market. In his five years at United Healthcare, Nick earned the pinnacle award twice recognizing top performers nationwide.

Nick’s additional experience includes working at a large national insurance brokerage as well as a third party administrator focused on fully customized self-funded programs. His experience with underwriting, pricing, and delivery of group health plans enables him to deliver solutions to clients in all stages of their life cycle.

Nick currently resides in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, and visits family frequently in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. When not working he is actively involved in his Villanova University Alumni network, a Business School Mentor for rising juniors. Nick is also a fitness enthusiast and avid golfer.


Hymie Azar

Executive Team

Hymie Azar began his insurance career in 1995. Prior to becoming a partner at CAA, Hymie owned and operated the footwear import company, Footwear Express Ltd., for several years. Having had the unique perspective of a small business owner, he is able to understand and relate to the various demands and needs of an employer and his or her employees.

Known in the industry for his knowledge of the market and tenacity in dealing with client issues, Hymie has distinguished himself as an Oxford Health Plan/United Healthcare Platinum Broker for 6+ years. He currently sits on both the Oxford / United Strategic Broker Council and Health Net Broker Advisory Committee – invite-only boards reserved for the most successful and insightful agents.

Hymie currently resides with his wife and two of his four children in Brooklyn, NY, while spending the majority of his summers in Deal, NJ. When not working, he is actively involved in many community charities and organizations. He also contributes his time to his community theater as an actor, singer and master of ceremonies.

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