Compain Anderson Azar is more than just health insurance. Now, as part of one of the largest insurance brokers in the United States, we have access to an abundance of resources that we put to use for our valued clients. From compliance solutions to estate planning, we have you covered. Here are some of the solutions and services we can provide to address your unique needs…

We strive to provide our valued customers' group insurance policies that promote trust and peace of mind. From Group Medical, Dental & Vision, Wellness, to Expats Coverage, 401K, and many more Group Solution options we're here to serve your Group Solution needs.

  • Group Medical
      • Fully Insured, Minimum Premium, Self-Insured Options
        • Traditional, HDHP
          • HSA/HRA/FSA
      • PEO
      • Guaranteed Issue & Fully Underwritten Plans
      • Union Plans
    • Other Group Solutions
      • Dental & Vision
      • Wellness Programs
      • Expats Coverage
      • Voluntary / Worksite Benefits
      • COBRA Administration
      • Retirement Planning
        • 401k
        • Cash Balance
      • Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Plans
        • Section 125, 529, 457 & 403b Plans

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We work with our clients to offer tailored solutions to give them peace of mind about Individual and Executive insurance solutions. We understand the importance of evaluating each business and individual independently to develop the most effective insurance.

    • Individual & Executive Solutions
      • Life Insurance
        • Term, Permanent, Survivorship
      • Business Insurance
        • Key Person
        • Buy-Sell
        • Executive Bonus
        • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
      • Disability Insurance
      • Long Term Care
      • Sophisticated Financial Planning
        • Estate Preservation
        • Wealth Management
      • Identity Theft Protection
      • Pet Insurance

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Our compliance experts will work directly with you supporting your needs no matter the size of your company or the state you operate in. With monthly digest options and an experienced staff supporting you, we’ll make sure your team is up to date on all compliance responsibilities.

          • Health Care Reform
          • FMLA
          • COBRA Administration
          • Plan Document Preparation
          • SPD Preparation
          • Wrap Document Preparation
          • Non-Discrimination Testing
          • 5500 Filing
          • Legal Consulting
          • ERISA / Health and Welfare Compliance
          • Employment Law and HR Compliance
          • DOL Wage and Hour Support
          • Total Compliance Package
          • Weekly Benefit Trend Report
          • ACA Reporting

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Today’s business landscape asks a lot from HR and Administration, and many companies are turning to their brokers and consultants for support. Our team of consultants have experience and expertise, and look forward to providing a solution that can meet your unique needs. From an employee handbook review to a sophisticated audit, our goal is to be the support system that your HR department needs.

          • Handbook Review
          • New Hire Documents
          • Record Keeping
          • Performance Management Programs
          • I-9 Remediation and Training
          • Payroll & Implementation Support
          • OSHA Assessment
          • Compensation Analyses

PEOs provide great opportunities for many of our clients. This will appeal most to: attractive demographics, good participation in underlying plans, and a group size of less than 100 employeesl. HR responsibilities can be outsourced to the PEO allowing many of our clients to focus on more important tasks at hand.

          • Extensis
          • Oasis
          • Insperity
          • JustWorks
          • Prestige
          • TriNet
          • Engage
          • ADP
          • HROI

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Since inception, we’ve had the privilege of forming partnerships across the insurance industry and beyond. We put these partnerships to work for YOU. We’ve expanded our reach to:

          • Benefit Administration Platforms
          • PEOs
          • TPAs
          • Compliance Experts
          • HR Consultants
          • Actuaries
          • P&C Plans
          • Worksite Marketing Tactics
          • Employment Lawyers
          • Risk Consultants
          • Accountants

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